FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta8 Released!

For all you FlashDevelop users out there, the time has come to download the long overdue release of FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta8.  While this release has been in and out of beta testing, the wait has been  worth it.  This release looks to dramatically improve stability along with the addition of some mighty features.

The feature set changes made to FlashDevelop are documented below.

User Interface:

  • New “fullscreen” editor mode
  • New common GUI for AS2Api and ASDoc
  • SWF exploration shows the frame where definitions are imported


  • Fine tuned code completion
  • Dynamic syntax highlighting: custom classes get colored like flash classes (MovieClip, Event, etc)
  • Completion for package-level declarations and Flash 10’s Vector.<T> type
  • New generator: Ctrl+Shift+1 on a non-imported type to generate the import
  • Go To Declaration (F4) with SWC classes display a generated pseudo-class
  • Improved generators


  • Tags with ID now appear in outline view and <script> code completion
  • Updated completion (generated using a tool available in SVN)


  • Improved MXML projects templates
  • New optimized AS3 project template with preloader (no Flex dependencies)
  • Templates now include an index.html with swfobject.js

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