Flash Making Its Way To The iPhone?

The day that many Flash Developers/Designers have been waiting for is finally approaching.  Well…not quite exactly.  Earlier this week at Adobe Max 2009, Adobe provided a sneek-peek to some of the new features that Flash CS5 will be shipping with.  The one feature that is getting many excited(and for good reason) is the ability to export your Flash applications into Apple iPhone applications.

Export to iPhone

Flash Professional CS5 will allow you to set your publish settings to “iPhone”. This will compile your movie as a native iPhone application that can be submitted to the Apple AppStore.

A New Door Has Opened

This opens a whole new door for Flash Developers/Designers. The ability to get your content displayed to an already trendmously large iPhone user base.  Hey, if this is the compromise of not having a Flash Player based within Safari on the iPhone, then I can definitely live with that.  Quite honestly, this might turn out to be even a better solution.

Additonal New Features Shipping With Flash CS5

Along with being able to create iPhone applications, Flash CS5 provides some other sorely needed features like:

  • Improved ActionScript editor
  • Code Snippets panel
  • Flash Builder integration
  • XML based FLA files


Article: Developing for the Apple iPhone using Flash

Aditya Bansodof of Adobe breaks down how this all came about.  He gives a breakdown on the technology behind this conversion and how to go about creating/submitting a Flash generated iPhone application.

Video: Building Applications For iPhone With Flash Professional CS5

Learn how Adobe is working to bring Adobe technologies out of the desktop and onto a the iPhone. Learn how Flash Professional and the Flash platform will add capabilities to help developers iPhone enable, test, and publish their content.

Current Flash Apps Already Available via the Apple App Store

Fickleblox Flash iPhone GameLoving the hype!  You can already check out a handful of Flash generated iPhone applications via the Apple App Store.  The list of Applications include Chroma Circuit, Trading Stuff, Fickleblox, Just Letters, South Park, That Roach Game, and Red Hood. Enjoy!

For more additional resources and an update on release of Flash CS5, check out Flash CS5 on Adobe Labs.  Also, Flash CS5 beta is expected to be released prior to year’s end so be sure to sign up to get notified when that does happen.

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  1. it’s good that flash is now working on iPhone. flash is best in accessibility when it comes to applications. and since iPhone is one of the best selling devices nowadays. and for sure people would want more apps on their iPhones… so flash + iPhone? is quite cool.

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