FlairBuilder: An Adobe AIR Based Rapid Prototyping Tool

These days as a designer/developer rapid prototyping has become a key component to getting projects in and out the door much quicker.  To this effect, many prototyping tools have surfaced over the last year or so.  A new rapid prototyping tool, FlairBuilder, created in Adobe AIR has just hit the market and first looks of it look pretty impressive.

What is FlairBuilder?

FlairBuilder is a cross-platform tool for rapid authoring of interactive wireframes and software prototypes. FlairBuilder comes with a set of 40+ (and counting) components for prototyping both web and desktop application. These are functional components and not mere images or mock-ups.  A few components include a GoogleMap component, as well as YouTube or Vimeo video player, and even a WebCam.

FlairBuider looks to provide a usable solution to spending less time prototyping and more time developing.  Not only does FlairBuilder make things easier for its users, its free online viewer allows your clients to view the wireframes that you have created instantly using the Flash Player plug-in.

Video breakdown of what FlairBuilder has to offer


Congrats to the author, Cristian Pascu, for taking on such an innovative project.  If you happen to give FlairBuider a run through, take 5 minutes out to provide some constructive feedback.  Your feedback will help push this project further in the right direction.

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