FDT 3: Pure Coding Comfort

FDT 3 is a plug-in which boosts the already mighty open-source platform Eclipse and turns it into a powerful development environment for serious Flash and ActionScript coding.  This fantastic tool is built and maintained by the guys over at PowerFlasher.

Along with an impressive list of features, these features give you the opportunity of gaining a big boost in your programming efficiency as your work flow is improved.

If you are serious in working with ActionScript 3.0 or plan to work with a team of other programmers, then FDT is the one to get.  Unlike other ActionScript editors, this one is not free, but it is well worth it.

FDT comes in three versions: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.  While all version pack a punch, check out the chart below to find out the key differences between the three.

Product Comparisons
Product Comparisons

The one major downfall of FDT 3 is how complicated the installation process is from other ActionScript editors.  The good news, however, is that the developers behind the project are currently working on a standalone version that will require minimal steps to install.

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