Daily Dose of Flash News for July 31, 2008

Mouse Proximity Tutorial

Lee Brimelow over at The Flash Blog has got an interesting tutorial on Mouse Proximity effect. The intended effect basically converts your mouse into somewhat of a magnet as the hovering picture is pulled into the mouse’s direction. It is really cool stuff and best of all all the word work has been figured out.

Flashforward Film Festival Finalists

One of the largest Adobe Flash conferences in the world, Flashforward, have announced the finalists for the Flashforward2008 Film Festival. The festival, which honors the best in Flash design across various categories, will take place in San Francisco this year in August. If you can’t make the conference this year, be sure to check out the stunning collection of Flash design and development each finalist offers, which are all ready and waiting for your votes.

AS3Wrapper: Pulling Flash Objects into Javascript

Imagine the ability to access the entire Flash API right through your ordinary JavaScript script command.  A newly created tool called AS3Wrapper will import Flash libraries within the JavaScript runtime as it virtualizes the Flash engine.  This new tool opens up Flash programming to a wider audience by providing the Flash API right within the browser environment without the need of an IDE. The tool was created by Ed Smith and can be found at his blog, The Effect Generator.

Introducing Partigen

The popularity of Flash Particle Engines have risen over the last six months and for good reason. Being able to create light dynamic effects during runtime has been a long awaited toolset many Flash users could only dream off. Flashloaded has joined the cause by releasing a new tool called Partigen.

New Version of Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player 1.1 was released this week featuring a brand-new interface, RSS subscriptions, and a partnership with Sony Pictures allowing users to watch full-length movies.  Adobe promise to eventually deliver around 600 shows and 25,000 episodes.  The application is built and delivered via Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and features video content in FLV and H.264 formats. Read more…or download the application.