Create A Realistic Flash Animation Lip-Sync

This tutorial is great for beginner Flash animators. It covers everything from how to know what sounds go with what mouth movements to animating the mouth movements to fit with an audio clip.  Lip-syncing is huge for successful Flash animations and the technique used within this tutorial is probably the easiest and most effective way known to handle lip-syncing.

In a matter of 10 simple steps, Flash Farmer will get you on your away to becoming a better Flash animator.  Enjoy!

Check out the tutorial: Create A Realistic Flash Animation Lip-Sync

Example of final product:
[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”363″ width=”500″ /]

One thought on “Create A Realistic Flash Animation Lip-Sync

  1. I think this animation may be a good starting point for people. However, I think the mouth shapes are a little busy. What I mean is not every letter needs a separate mouth shape, for example for the words ‘this is’ one single mouth shape could be held. I think maybe the inclusion of the tongue is the other thing that is convoluting your animation, it is not often that when people talk in real life you see their tongue, unless they are trying to put special emphasis on a syllable. Maybe this is a problem highlighted flash where there is not much room to insert the murky middle ground mouth shapes? I don’t know.

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