Begin Learning Flash in a Flash

What is Flash in a Flash?

“Flash in a flash” is a series of training videos that John Schuman of Adobe designed to get you going with Adobe Flash CS3—in a flash.   This series of training video takes you through the creation of a Flash project as you learn the fundamentals of working with Flash including working with symbols, creating and controlling animations, adding audio, creating buttons, and video.

How can I access these training videos?

John Schuman’s series, Flash in a Flash, can be found at Adobe Tv or as a channel that can be subscribed via the Adobe AIR application, Adobe Media Player.

As you can see these videos are intending for beginners looking to get into Flash CS3 or simply need a rundown of Flash CS3’s capabilities. Take a look at the following training videos below to see if any fit what you are expecting to learn from Flash CS3.

Episode 1: Fundamentals of Flash CS3

John Schuman introduces the fundamentals of Flash CS3 such as creating symbols, drawing tips and tricks and more.  John will also introduce introduce the virtual hero of the series, Victor Vector.

Episode 2: Creating Animations

Flash in a Flash-Episode 2

In this episode you will explore the fundamentals of animation and some of the various animation techniques like keyframing and motion tweening and how to use ease in/ease out control.

Episode 3: Integrating Sound within Animations

Flash in a Flash-Episode 3

Continuing with the Victor Vector project, putting the various animation and graphical components together and introducing sound.  You’ll also learn how to use MovieClip filters, blends, and alter the speed of a motion tween.

Episode 4: Introduction to Flash Video

Flash in a Flash-Episode 4

An introduction to Flash video, in you will learn how to add video to your Flash project, how to create cue points and closed captioning for accessibility, fullscreen viewing, and more.

Episode 5: Basic Interactivity and ActionScript 3.0

Flash in a Flash-Episode 5

An introduction to basic interactivity and ActionScript 3.0.  Learn how to create a simple UI slider, component, invisible buttons, and add basic interactivity in Flash CS3.

Episode 6: Publishing Your Project

Flash in a Flash-Episode 6

This episode will the various publishing options in Flash CS3 including the latest plug-in for Adobe AIR.

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