Aviary Officially Launches

What is Aviary?

Aviary is a suite of powerful creative applications built using Adobe Flex that you can use right in your web browser.  Aviary has sought out a mission to be bring the tools to the artist so they can then turn their vision into reality.  So far that mission is on track.

Is it free?

Beginning November 5, 2008, Aviary will be available in three subscription plans: Free, Green, and Blue.  All three plans provide a more customized solution to fit your creativity.  However, to be honest the free plan is looking pretty good right as it offers a lot of inviting features for those simply looking to caught up with this new, innovative tool.

What applications are currently available?

In total, Aviary plans to offer 15 unique and innovative online applications as part of their suite.  At the moment, there are 4 applications, Peacock,  Phoenix, Raven and Toucan, currently available for full alpha/beta use.   Aviary plans to release more info as it comes on the status of the other 11 applications.   If you are interested on being one of the few indivduals to gain early access to these applications in progress, I’d suggest looking into their “blue” plan.

Overal, Aviary’s launching of its suite has simply opened up a new genre of web applications that will soon begin to really challenge desktop applications everywhere.

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