ASExpander: Trying to Make AS3 in CS3/4 Easier

Anytime you can extend your tool sets to fit a much more simplified work flow, the better control you have over the tool versus the tool over you.  Being able to store code snippets within Flash has been a feature that I am sure a lot of Flash users would love to have available.  You’d think a functionality like so would already to integrated within Flash, however until then you can focus your attention to ASExpander.

What is ASExpander?

ASExpander is a JSFL extension created by Keith Peters for Flash CS3/4 that allows you to integrate a ActionScript snippet functionality into your existing Flash workflow.  ASExpander allows you to store your existing or new ActionScript code snippets into an external file and then map it to a command of your liking.  There are no limits to the amount or type of snippets stored.

While the ASExpander does have its flaws like no interface to interact with it, it is a very nice alternative to a previously created snippets panel created Lee Brimelow.

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