FlashEff Nano: A Faster, Lightweight and More Affordable Version of FlashEff

FlashEff Nano

As the amount of tool sets to create Flash content on mobile devices increases, so will the realization within the Flash community that these applications can not be created with the mindset of desktop development. The guys over at JumpeyeComponents have listened to the community’s interest and feedback to provide a lighter, faster and more affordable version of FlashEff called FlashEff Nano.

CASA Lib: A Very Useful and Flexible Utility Library


When in the heat of constant application development and tight deadlines, it helps to have a set of go to AS3 libraries that will save you from repetitive everyday code/functionality. Whenever you can shave off minutes of your development time, take advantage of it. There are many AS3 libraries that are simply so priceless when it comes to everyday AS3 development tasks. CASA Lib is no different and personally, this is one of my go to AS3 Libraries.

Adobe Wave: A Wave of Content Right On Your Desktop

At last year’s Max conference, a new Adobe technology called Adobe Wave was revealed that demonstrated how web content publishers could easily publish notification to their user’s desktops. The Adobe Wave client is built on Adobe AIR allowing users to receive near real time notifications of new content, a new social interaction, or another notification that the publisher would like to let you know about.

Flash Making Its Way To The iPhone?

The day that many Flash Developers/Designers have been waiting for is finally approaching. Well…not quite exactly. Earlier this week at Adobe Max 2009, Adobe provided a sneek-peek to some of the new features that Flash CS5 will be shipping with. The one feature that is getting many excited(and for good reason) is the ability to export your Flash applications into Apple iPhone applications.