Adobe Wave: A Wave of Content Right On Your Desktop

At last year’s Max conference, a new Adobe technology called Adobe Wave was revealed that demonstrated how web content publishers could easily publish notification to their user’s desktops.  The Adobe Wave client is built on Adobe AIR allowing users to receive near real time notifications of new content, a new social interaction, or another notification that the publisher would like to let you know about.

Earlier this summer, this previewed technology was added to Adobe Labs for both users and publishers.  For those of you that have ever used Growl notifications for Mac OS X, the style of notifications is very similar.

Adobe Wave ScreenshotThe Potential of Adobe Wave

Personally, I feel that Adobe Wave has some legs and if widely adopted can provide a streamlined connection with the content publisher and user.  As web users, we are always looking for a way to stay on top of the web’s content.  Adobe Wave simply provides content publishers the right tool to do just that in almost real time.

Overall, I think this is an exciting technology and indicates that our needs of how we receive our content are evolving.  This is definitely something I will be keeping a close eye on.  Don’t forget to check out, the video overview for both publishers and consumers.  Also, for more information, visit Adobe Wave on Adobe Labs.