Adobe Strobe: A Unified Effort To “Standardize” Media Players

In today’s media player development, every attempt to create a personalized media player has resulted in multiple flavors of multiple media players.  Complete saturation and non-consistency!  The need for a standardized video framework is in high demand and sorely needed.  Adobe’s attempt is to provide a standard media player framework, code-named Strobe, to enable the creation and delivery of high-quality, monetized video experiences.

Strobe is designed for content publishers, Adobe development tool users, and Flash Platform partners  – basically, anyone who is developing video on their website today.  Learn more about this new project.

I’m a bit confused…

While I think the efforts of Adobe and its partners will prove worth while, the one question that automatically crossed my mind was “How this will effect the Open Video Player Initiative Project?”  If you are not familiar with Open Video Player Initiative, it is a joint collaboration with community leaders like Adobe, Akamai, and others to provide a standard and open video player framework.

Personally, I was quite excited about this and couldn’t wait to see how this will effect the community.  Adobe has indicated that the two efforts have a common goal.  Unless I am missing something, two separate efforts will probably result into two different “standard” video frameworks.  Lets just wait to see how Adobe Strobe pans out and the impact it will have.

What do you guys think?

8 thoughts on “Adobe Strobe: A Unified Effort To “Standardize” Media Players

  1. Hi, I’m not deeply keyed-in to either initiative, but the Open Video Player FAQ describes its goals of making content interoperable across ad networks… a little different than Strobe’s smaller function of making toolkits for easy video interface creation.

    The two projects do seem complementary — one focuses on “am I making the right thing?”, while the other focuses on “how can I make it most easily?”.

    Seem right to you…?


    • I can see your valid point. I would just hate to see one new product wipe out an emerging one. Any how, I still can’t wait to see what comes from Strobe.

  2. Im not too sure how universal this player will be. I am exited to see what comes of this idea though. I couldn’t agree more with this part of the article; “Unless I am missing something, two separate efforts will probably result into two different “standard” video frameworks.”…. I am really hoping that it works, and its not just another marketing strategy that will gun-shy us even more. Its no secret the video(rich media)/web relationship is in need of some serious counseling. Only time will tell; and film architects will watch history unveil while sitting with idle hands. All and all Thank you Adobe.
    Also great article(as always), and thanks for all the hard work.

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