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News Flash Weekly # 3: Adobe AIR 2.7 Released!

Adobe AIR 2.7 Released

Adobe is pleased to announce the availability of Adobe AIR 2.7 SDK and the Adobe AIR 2.7 runtimes.   Adobe AIR 2.7 includes new features for both desktop and mobile applications with mobile support for Android 2.2+, BlackBerry Tablet OS* and iOS 4+ operating systems.

The main features include:

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation – you can create now high quality collaborative or chat apps that deliver excellent sound quality without a headset. Now, Flash Player 10.3 supports acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression, voice activity detection, and automatic compensation for various mic input levels.
  • Enhanced HTMLLoader API – developers have more control on how clickable links behave in HTMLLoader.
  • Media Measurement – this feature enables companies to understand how their videos are distributed and consumed and to collect this data in real-time. There is a new set of open APIs that can be used to implement video analytics.
  • Enhanced rendering for iOS – AIR apps for iOS render up to 4x faster in CPU mode.  This change will improve the performance of many AIR for iOS apps, including those built with the Flex framework.  Watch the performance improvements

Adobe AIR 2.7: Faster App Performance on iOS

The Warrior’s New Clothes: Using AS3 in Flash Builder to Create Sprite Graphic Classes

This post is an extension to a previous post on the Decorator design pattern.  The goal of  this mini-post is to provide a glance into creating and implementing a Decorator design pattern using decorative sprites assembled with ActionScript 3.0.

Free Graphics For Game Developers

Want to create a game in Flash, but you’re not the greatest designer? Fret not, as a new site has the answer to your prayers. has a large selection of tile sets, sprites, textures, sprite sheets, and all other manner of graphical goodness that will help you get your gaming project under way.

Best practices for acoustic echo cancellation in Flash Player

In this article, Jozsef Vass briefly describes the requirements for real-time communications and how Flash Player addresses these needs. He also introduces the new ActionScript API for using enhanced audio, provide you with best practices and limitations, and show you a sample application.