5 Firefox Plugins for Flash Developers

As we all might know that Firefox is the way of the future. IE has it perks but the weight is being shifted over in favor of Firefox. Firefox’s great advantage is that you are able to install from an enormous amount of plugins.

Many of these plugins were originally geared towards HTML developers and designers, but more recently a number of great Flash-related Firefox plugins have begun to emerge. I personally take advantage of these plugins as they are very useful when needing to debug your Flash movies.

Here is a list of Flash-related Firefox plugins that might be of some good use.

  • FlashTracer a Firefox plugin which allows you to view the output of Flash ActionScript trace() actions from within your browser.
  • Flash Switcher allows you to switch immediately between different versions of the Plash Player plugin with just a few clicks.
  • HBXTracer is a sidebar that helps developers to test HitBox implementations on HTML pages and Flash content.
  • Load Time Analyzer allows developers to measure and graph how long web pages take to load in Firefox.
  • Server Switcher allows you to easily switch between your development and live servers.