3D Tunnel: Display Your Images On An Interactive 3D Tunnel

The 3D Tunnel Flash component allows you to display images within an interactive 3D tunnel. End users can zoom in and out of the tunnel and rotate it. Clicking on thumbnails loads corresponding large images with a choice of animation styles and easing. Custom actions can also be triggered when clicking on or rolling over images, for example, titles and descriptions can be displayed for the images or a URL can open on click. Powered by PaperVision3D and available for ActionScript 3.0.

Key features include:

  • Adjustable perspective to show more or less depth of field
  • Adjustable number of sides and spacing
  • Customizable animation settings with choice of easing effects
  • Mouse wheel and keyboard zoom
  • Customizable animation settings
  • Mouse and keyboard interactivity
  • Skinnable preloaders
  • Built-in ActionScript events

Preview 3D Tunnel