Flash Stock of the Day: 35 Flash Navigation Menus

Elastic XML Menu created by Richardsonmenu2
H-Menu Created by djankeyvert_menu4
Professional Floating Menu created by goghmenu7
3D XML Menu Studio 2 created by digitalsciencevert_menu6
Accordion v2 created by bobocelvert_menu1
Dynamic Accordion Menu created by digitalsciencevert_menu7
Rotation Menu created by Richardsonmenu3
HorizontalMenuStudio v1.0 created by jurgenvvert_menu5
Elastic XML Menu Vertical created by Richardsonvert_menu3
mySectionedMenu (xml) created by encryptmevert_menu9
FLASH ARROW MENU XML DRIVEN – Vertical created by djrootsmenu14
Item Selection v7 created by bobocelmenu5
XML Team Members created by digitalsciencevert_menu8
V-Menu 2 created by djankeyvert_menu10
3d Box Menu created by collismenu12
Dynamic Proximity Menu created by Richardson

Apple like menu created by lukemenu9
Two level Horizontal XML menu created by Chuckanuckavert_menu15
Powerful Menu XML 4 – Expanding Text (V) created by Randomvert_menu16
Vertical multilevel drop down menu created by OXYLUSvert_menu17
myMacishMenu – Verticle created by encryptmemenu15
Cool Image Folio Menu created by OXYLUSmenu1
Tweened Menu created by djankeyvert_menu2
Two Level XML Accordion Menu created by digitalsciencemenu18
Fan / Circle Menu Navigation – XML Driven created by Suicidesquirrelvert_menu12
Dynamic XML Menu created by Betillo555menu10
Scrolling Images Menu created by digitalscience
Twirling Button created by doLLiemenu6
Horizontal Expand XML Menu created by Chuckanuckamenu11
Item Selection v2 created by bobocelmenu13
Horizontal XML Image Menu created by digitalscience

7 thoughts on “Flash Stock of the Day: 35 Flash Navigation Menus

  1. Cool menus, but some could be made just with JavaScript. And why would you use them in your website anyways?

  2. @Jono: That is very understandable, however, many of these menus are meant to be integrated within Flash projects/portfolios where menu creativity is a bit up there.

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