FlashEff 2: Still The Most Innovative Flash Animation Tool

FlashEff 2

Recently, the second version of FlashEff was released and once again my mouth drops in awwh! Personally, there is no other tool available that can provide an instant boost in your Flash project workflow than FlashEff when it comes to custom animation/effects. Learn more about second version of FlashEff.

Understanding Adobe Strobe A Little Bit Better

With the release of new documentation on Adobe “Strobe”, I can now say that the confusion I once had is now gone and I can’t wait for the official release of Adobe “Strobe”. While these two projects are similar, they both serve two different purposes and look to standardize those efforts. Actually, the Open Video Player initiative actually will actually aid the development and standardization of the Adobe “Strobe” project as it leverages code from the Akamai’s Open Video Player.

ActionScript 1:1 – Getting Intimate With ActionScript 3.0

Struggling to get our foot off the ground with getting more intimate with ActionScript 3.0?  Doug Winnie has kicked off a series, ActionScript 1:1, which are designed for animators and designers using Flash CS4 who want to take their work to the next level but need some guidance adding custom interactivity using ActionScript 3.0.