CopperCube: A New 3D Engine That Doesn’t Require AS Knowledge

3D engines that take advantage of the Flash Player seem to sprouting about very frequently.  Whether or not these new 3D engines effective target a specific market can be left for debate.  One new 3D engine that has caught my eye is CopperCube as it targets individuals that are not familiar with ActionScript but can provide the 3D knowledge that many of us just don’t have.

10 Books to Help in Learning AS3

Learning ActionScript 3.0

While not all our paths to learning ActionScript 3.0 are the same, the resources that are provided to us are.   Some like taking that direct dive into it and learn from their mistakes.  Others would prefer to learn through someone else’s following.  I have compiled a list of the 10 books that may possibly help you learn and/or expand your knowledge of  ActionScript 3.0.

Kevin Lynch’s Flash Catalyst Demo At Web 2.0 Keynote

Now that some of the Flash Catalyst hype has died down some, this demo is sure to get some of its potential fans pretty excited all over again.  Here is Kevin Lynch’s Keynote from the Web 2.0 conference where he shows how to build a full application using Illustrator, Flash Catalyst, Flex Builder, Flex and the Facebook ActionScript 3 API.

BulkLoader: Removing the Pain of Complex Loading In Flash

Loading content into mid to large scale Flash projects can be somewhat of painful process. From managing complex loading scenarios to behind the scenes preloading, if not done correctly, performance can really take a hit at the expense of preloading.

Before you know it, you have spent a lot more than expected managing the loading of a project’s content. A very handy solution to this madness is BulkLoader created by Albert Debert.

Yahoo Astra 1.4 is Now Ready For Use

To kick off the new season, Yahoo Developer’s Astra components have been updated.  New this season is a component called Form which will help with those gathering and validating data in Flash.  Many other bug fixes are involved in this update along with the support ofaccessibility throughout most of the components.

To get a defined breakdown of all the updates, bug fixes and new features of this latest Yahoo Astra update, check out their latest blog posting.